I.CE.C - Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector

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REACh Management System certification

Certification applicable to

  • c - Tanneries

Leather sector companies, like all the companies that put articles on the market, have to comply to the legal obligations of EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACh).

ICEC developed a technical specification (ICEC_TS 416) to which the tannery willing to provide its customers with the guarantee of the correct management of REACh can adapt. The technical specification is based on management requirements and on UNIC specifications, which give indications about the chemicals to search for, the limits in force in the main destination countries, the test methods and the way to control (analytical or documental), according to the type of article and the raw material used.

The conformity to ICEC_TS 416 document can be certified by ICEC, thus granting impartiality and independence for the tannery and its customers.

The application of the technical specification, validated by ICEC certification, permits a communication to the stakeholders that is truthful and transparent about the correct management of the obligations deriving from REACh Regulation.

REACh certification can be integrated with ISO 14001 certification, with overall money and temporal savings.