I.CE.C - Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector

The reference for leather sector certifications

Technical information

ICEC has always been operating exclusively in leather sector, with certification schemes based on national and/or international standards (i.e.: UNI, EN, ISO).

Furthermore, basing on its experience and specialization, upon market's request ICEC drafts technical documents or guidelines which are the reference for leather sector, regarding the most interesting subjects where standards are lacking.

These documents may evolve into technical UNI/EN standards, when market's need is such as to drive in the direction of their national / european recognition.

Then ICEC may request the accreditation to the institues in charge, when the number of applicants interested in the certification is so high as to justify the operation. 

For further information please contact ICEC or read the single schemes' sections, avaliable in the homepage of the website.

Whenever your company or association needs to draft up a technical specification about a subject of interest in leather sector, you can address to icec@icec.it. We will give you information about the existence of pertinent documents and / or study the solutions to satisfy your requests, in the appropriate seats.

Product standards list

UNI 10594
UNI 10826
UNI 10886
UNI EN ISO 14931
UNI EN 13336
UNI CEN TS 14906
UNI TS 11268
UNI 11239
UNI 11427

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