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The Sustainability of the production processes today represents an important competitive factor for companies and increasing importance is taken up by tools such as third-party certifications issued by qualified independent bodies, able to certify objectively the performances of the firms. Certifying sustainability is complex. Talking about sustainability means in fact tackling multidisciplinary areas (environmental, economic and product aspects, social and ethical factors) also at different levels (product, process, human resources, site, supply chain, etc.). The tanning sector has for some time gone down the road of voluntary certification to give concrete support to the values and the commitment which firms guarantee both at system and product level.
ICEC, Accredia-credited certification organisation, has certified since 1994 all the types of firms in the leather industry according to the most important international and national standards, in addition to some technical specifications relating to requirements for which the market demands guarantees and which allow further support for firms in adequately promoting products of excellence. The aim is to certify the leather supply chain, up to the end user.

Companies' sustainability

Certification of companies’ sustainability c

Environmental sustainability

Environmental Management System A c m p
EMAS Environmental Statement A c m p
Eco-leathers certification c

Ethic and social sustainability

Occupational Health and Safety Management System A c m p
UNIC code of conduct and social accountability c

Product and economic sustainability

Quality Management System A c m p
Product certification for finished leathers A c
Innovative company processes c m
Made in Italy of leather production A c
Made in Italy of products m
Leather traceability certification c p
Certification of leather sector finished products traceability m
Qualification of leather sector test laboratories c m p
Chemicals Management System certification c

ICEC Accreditations

A = with Accreditation

Certification applicable to:

  • c - Tanneries
  • m - Leather manufacturing companies
  • p - Sub-contractors (es. terzisti, chimici, produttori di tecnologie)

Certification of companies’ sustainability

The ICEC certification is issued to tanneries that are certified in the environmental, ethical-social, economic and product areas.
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