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Leather traceability certification

Certification applicable to

  • c - Tanneries
  • p - Sub-contractors (es. terzisti, chimici, produttori di tecnologie)

The search for transparency of the market also concerns the degree of control that tanneries/raw hides-skins sellers have on their supplies, including knowledge of the countries of origin of the raw materials (hides or skins), slaughterhouses and farms from which they come.

To this scope, ICEC has prepared two certification variants, each applicable to farmed or wild species and to split leathers :

  • TS SC 410 for "products system in tanneries": it includes in the analysis a wide range of products (also of multiple origins). The traceability of the hides upstream of the tannery/raw hides-skins seller is mapped, traceability checks of the production phases of these hides in the tannery/raw hides-skins seller are not included.
  • TS PC 412 for "single product in tanneries": it includes in the analysis a single product or single homogeneous products (eg for the same animal species, for particular origins). The traceability of the skins upstream of the tannery/raw hides-skins seller is mapped. In this case, verification of the traceability of the production/storage phases of these skins in the tannery/raw hides-skins seller is included.


In both schemes the relative rating is defined. It specifies the degree of traceability of the raw materials upstream of the tannery/raw hides-skins seller, calculated considering the products subject to certification and the documented and verifiable information related to them.

Thanks to the partnership between ICEC and the National Wildlife Federation, it has been possible to develop a complete evaluation system to be applied to skins from the Amazon (Brazil and Paraguay) to be integrated with the ICEC TS 410 and ICEC TS412 certifications: these are issued at the same time as adoption. by the entire supply chain of public procurement policies based on the Deforestation and Conversion free DCFL criteria)

The certificate specifies a rating (score) and a summary judgment (sufficient, good, very good, excellent) that expresses the level of control that the tannery/raw hides-skins seller has on what it purchases, in terms of traceability of the hides/skins (countries and names of the slaughterhouses and farms). The final rating is calculated by mapping all raw material purchase orders over 12 months.

The technical specifications of reference are the property of ICEC. They are distributed only in a controlled manner and upon request. Technical specifications and certification regulations are also available in English.
The certification schemes are applicable to any tannery, regardless of the production cycle that is carried out (it can be applied to producers of finished leather or even semi-finished products or /raw hides-skins sellers), and the certification is applicable in Italy and also in European or non-EU countries with qualified inspectors ICEC.

The schemes have been currently integrated with a risk analysis on animal welfare: you can see here the presentation of ICEC AW tool.
Voluntary certifications and leather marking are elements that, if found in the supply chain, will strengthen traceability in favor of tanneries and their customers. ICEC will therefore analyze its presence integrating it with the schemes already applied.


The documents published on this page can be commented at any time by any interested party by sending an email to icec@icec.it. The versions of the published documents are always to be considered the latest applicable and in force for certification.