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Public Information

According to the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17021 standard (clause 4.5), in order to guarantee the best transparence, ICEC can provide public (non confidential) information, if the user's request is made in compliance with the following criteria and the applicant gives all the information mentioned in the form (name, surname, user type, e-mail, subject and message). Anonymous or not complete requests will not be processed. The truthfulness of the inserted data will be veified, before handling the request.

We remind you that you can consult the certified companies database in this website, to make researches about ICEC certified companies.

From UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17021:

"4.5 Openness

4.5.1 A certification body needs to provide public access to, or disclosure of, appropriate and timely information about its audit process and certification process, and about the certification status (i.e. the granting, extending, maintaining, renewing, suspending, reducing the scope of, or withdrawing of certification) of any organization, in order to gain confidence in the integrity and credibility of certification. Openness is a principle of access to, or disclosure of, appropriate information.

4.5.2 To gain or maintain confidence in certification, a certification body should provide appropriate access to, or disclosure of, non-confidential information about the conclusions of specific audits (e.g. audits in response to complaints) to specific interested parties."

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