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Leather traceability certification

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  • c - Tanneries

The market shows interest also in the degree of control that the tanneries have about their supply chain, including the knowledge of the countries of origin of the raw materials (leathers), slaughtering and breeding farms from which they originated.

To this scope, ICEC prepared a certification scheme which can be developed according to the following requirements:

  • TS SC 410 for "products system in tanneries": a range of homogeneous products (i.e. type of animals, intended use of the final product, type of tanning) is included in the analysis. No exclusion in the analysis categories is admitted.  

It is defined the pertinent rating that specifies the medium traceability degree regarding the upstream processes, the products are object of the system examined;


  • TS PC 412 for "single product in tanneries": a specific product (i.e. only a particular kind of leather, only for a specific origin) is included in the analysis. The analysis is more specific and fits better to the customer's requirements. 

The certification will define such product with a pertinent rating. This rating specifies the traceability degree regarding the process upstream of the tanneries.  In this case, also the traceability of the phases inside the tannery is object of check.


The main aim is to provide an indicator (rating) and a short judgment (sufficient, good, very good, excellent) that comments upon the level of monitoring by the Organization over the purchased in terms of the geographical traceability of the upstream phases of the raw materials (slaughterhouses, breeding farms). The final rating is calculated through a mapping of 12 months orders of raw materials.

The Technical specifications belong to ICEC.  They will be diffused only in a controlled way and on demand.

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