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Made in Italy of leather production

For leather made in Italy

For leather "full cycle"

AAccreditation ACCREDIA N° 34B

Certification applicable to

  • c - Tanneries

Because of the interest of the tanneries to promote the “Italian production” of their leathers, the European Standard UNI EN 16484 “Leather – requirements for the determination of the origin of leather production” was published. This standard replaces Italian Standard UNI 11239. ICEC goes on to issue product certification according to this standard, requiring a whole integration between “origin denomination of finished leather” and a system that guarantees the quality management (e.g. ISO 9001).

To define a leather as “Italian” (leather products in Italy) in conformity with the international Non Preferential Rules of Origin, at least the last substantial economically justified process has to be carried out in Italy:

  • for tanned leather (e.g. wet blue, wet white): the substantial transformation shall be the tanning phase;
  • for crust (dyed or not): the substantial transformation shall be the process step of “retanning fatliquoring – (dyeing);
  • for finished leather: the origin of a finished leather shall be the country where “retanning – fatliquoring – dyeing” take place.

If the finishing takes place in a different country than the retanning – fatliquoring -dyeing, then it shall be separately indicated (e.g. “Italian leather finished in France” or “French leather finished in Italy”)

The place of origin of the raw material is not important.

The tanneries that carry out the whole cycle in Italy (from rawhide to finished leather) can use the wording “leather from Italy – full cycle”.

The product certification issues by ICEC in conformity with UNI EN 16484 standard, is accredited by ACCREDIA (accreditation no. 034 B).

Also the customers of the certified tanneries can share to use certified Italian leathers through a traceability scheme with special labels, uniquely numbered, to be put on leather products such as shoes, bags, sofas, belts and leather apparels.