I.CE.C - Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector

The reference for leather sector certifications

Qualification of leather sector test laboratories

Certification applicable to

  • c - Tanneries
  • m - Leather manufacturing companies
  • p - Sub-contractors (es. terzisti, chimici, produttori di tecnologie)

ICEC_TS 406 certification was created to qualify the laboratories operating in leather sector. The scheme involves the magement of every aspect according to the principles of quality, above all referring to laboratory activities, i.e.: staff training, environmental conditions, management of instruments and writing of test reports. These aspects are periodically verified, in order to guarantee the best reliability to the tests performed. The qualification requirements are fully inspirated to ISO 17025 standard, which is the reference for laboratories accreditation. So ICEC certification can be seen as a preparatory (but not substitute) activity to this goal.

All the laboratories certified  by  ICEC are in the certified companies database.

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