I.CE.C - Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector

The reference for leather sector certifications

Certification of leather sector finished products traceability

Certification applicable to

  • m - Leather manufacturing companies

It's a certification aimed to leather sector finished products which are adressed to the end users market. It permits to grant the correct management of the traceability in every part of the production process (including those possibly committed to thirs parties). The reference standard is TS PM 414.

It can be applied to:

  • a single finished product (i.e..: a bag, a shoe)
  • a set of finished products
  • the whole company production range.

Traceability is verified, at least, starting from the entrance of the raw materials in the Company, up to the company warehouse of the finished products, ready to be sold.

It can be integrated with similar certifications issued according to technical specifications/national or international standards which include traceability requirements for the upstream/downstream processes of the company, thus obtaining a "production chain traceability": from raw materials, to product manufacturing, until selling.