I.CE.C - Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector

The reference for leather sector certifications

Partnerships in Leather Sector

ICEC cooperates with many trade associations and institutions operating in leather sector, in quality, environment, product, standardization areas.

The scope is to foster the cultural exchange of competences and experiences, to take advantage of sectorial synergies, to promote quality culture, to make the customers aware of sustainability matters, to cooperate in order to draft national or international reference documents for leather sector.

The informative exchanges take place also in occasion of the main exhibitions (es: Anteprima, Lineapelle, other leather sector fairs).

The above mentioned cooperations are for example with AICQ AICQ (Italian Association for Quality), AIMPES (Italian Association of leather goods producers), AIP (Italian Association of fur producers), ANCI (Italian Association of footwear producers), Federlegno Arredo (Italian Association of furniture producers), UNAC ((Italian Association of accessories and components producers, in leather sector), UNI (Italiano standardization body), UNIC (Italian tannery association), leather sector test laboratories.

ICEC is member of ALPI (Test laboratories and Independent certification bodies association) 

All the activities are performed with professionalism and respecting the regulations about impartiality, privacy and absence of interest conflicts.