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Eco-leathers certification

The product certification for low environmental impact leathers (“ecoleathers” or "ecological leathers") based on UNI 11427 standard.

Certification applicable to

  • c - Tanneries

It allows the tannery to communicate to the customer that the minimum product and environmental standard requirements of the production process (any kind of tanning) were respected, in order to be able to name the leather as "ecological", “ecoleather" or with similar words.

This certification can be applied to any kind of finished leather and for any use destination; the production is meant to be controlled starting from raw hide, at the beginning of the tanning process, up to finished leather, ready to be sent for the use in manufacturing industry.

The standard, as already understood because the definition is in Italian Legislative Decree n. 68 of of  June 9, 2020, reaffirms that only this material, and not those artificially reproducing its aspect (i.e. synthetics, coated textiles) can be named as "leather".

In 2022 a new revision of the standard was published, here the main changes:

  • a clearer distinction between the different tanning 
  • the division of environmental indicators in 3 levels of performance