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EMAS Environmental Statement

AAccreditation ACCREDIA N° IT-V-0016

Certification applicable to

  • c - Tanneries
  • m - Leather manufacturing companies
  • p - Sub-contractors (es. terzisti, chimici, produttori di tecnologie)

ICEC is accredited as EMAS Environmental Verifier (accreditation nr. IT-V-0016) by Accredia, so it can validate companies' Environmental Declaration, according to Community Regulation 1221/2009.

EMAS registration is a further step compared to ISO 14001 certification.

To obtain EMAS registration a company has to implement an Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and to write an Environmental Claim, that is a document which describes the company's activities and their relationship with the surrounding environment.

The Environmental Claim includes a collection of the main enviromental data of the company (i.e. wastewater, noise, solid wastes, air emissions) and of the targets that the company wants to achieve in order to reduce the impacts of its activities. It is a tool available to the community and it has to be validated by an accredited Verifier, in order to be approved by Ecolabel Ecoaudit comittee, Italian deliberative authority.

The company that passed the audit is included in EMAS register, a list of all the European companies which took this route, distinguishing for their environmental commitment and their transparence towards the exterior.

The companies which already have a certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System have only to prepare their Environmental Claim and subject it to the examination of an ICEC auditor, together with the certification renewal or maintenance activities. This because the EMAS audit is structured to be fully integrated with ISO 14001 audit.

The guideline published by the European Commission in March 2013 is useful for companies willing to implement EMAS.

There is also the possibility to register EMAS a whole productive district, according to the document "Posizione del Comitato Ecolabel Ecoaudit" about the application of EMAS in the clusters.

All the companies certified  by ICEC are in the certified companies database.

The logo, whose use license is managed by Comitato Ecolabel-Ecoaudit, can be used by the EMAS registered companies