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Chemicals management system according to ZDHC

Certification according to Technical Specification ICEC TS 420 "Chemicals management according to ZDHC requirements”

Certification applicable to

  • p - Sub-contractors (es. terzisti, chimici, produttori di tecnologie)

ICEC obtained ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) acknoledgement for ICEC TS 420 technical specification (for chemicals management) as a level 1-2-3 indicator for companies needing to register their products in the ZDHC Gateway.

The acknoledgement  is both for leather chemicals and for textile chemicals. The audit for all levels nclude independent tests performed by ICEC with qualified laboratories, while level 3 audit includes also a verification of the production in the company. 

The audit of tjhe chemicals manegement system includes the check of the lab tests attesting the conformity to ZDHC MRSL for the chemical formulations of which the company declares the conformity. These products have to be managed according to the good practices as in the TS, that apply to all the chemicals put on the market and that deal also with environmental management and workers' health and safety. For the companies already certified ISO 14001 o OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 there will be facilitations for ICEC TS 420 certification process.