I.CE.C - Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector

The reference for leather sector certifications


Seminar about certification at la Sapienza University - Rome

As part of the Degree Course in "Science of Fashion and Costume" at the Sapienza University of Rome, ICEC held a seminar on April 10, on the concepts of sustainability applicable to the world of leather: terminology, labeling, certifications voluntary.

The director of ICEC Sabrina Frontini illustrated the concepts applicable to the leather sector, showing also to the students the samples of real leather and of materials that imitate the leather and improperly called eco-leather or simil-leather.

The training and information activity at all school levels is also supported by ICEC to promote the correct use of the term "leather" that is too commonly abused and distorted by improper uses that become common in use.

And it also starts with schools, where students are trained to deal with the fashion world in the future.

Seminar about certification at la Sapienza University - Rome