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Seminar about certification - Solofra

On April 16th, in Solofra, in the presence of one of the leading luxury fashion brands that participated in the presentation, ICEC held a seminar on certification schemes for the qualification of tanneries.

The criteria required by the brands for the qualification of tanneries in the environmental, social and traceability areas were presented. They are topics on which all the brands now converge with their requests.

The debate and the reports were interesting and many questions arose from the over 30 participants of the tanneries attending the meeting. Questions were about the simplification of the controls, the problem of the risk areas related to the origins of the leather, and in general how to proceed to give guarantees to the customers without incurring too high qualification costs.

In this regard, ICEC continues to dialogue with all the fashion houses for the recognition of the certifications issued, which are the official ones, accredited and recognized by the leather sector.

Seminar about certification - Solofra