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Traceability of skins and Animal Welfare or deforestation

Talk at Lineapelle

ICEC applies the TS410 / 412 schemes for the traceability of the origin of raw materials (leathers), to which many Italian and foreign tanneries have already joined, the names can be consulted on the ICEC website in the database.

To the data collected and verified through traceability, it is possible to apply the AW model that ICEC has developed to provide the risk analysis on Animal Welfare. This study is customized on the specific supply chain from which the tannery obtains supplies (countries and places of origin, specific slaughterhouses and related farms).
The AW model was presented at Lineapelle Milano, and from that date it is available to be applied to tanneries.Click here to watch the presentation.

ICEC also has a traceability model with DCFL (Deforestation and Conversion Free Leathers) requirements for risks related to deforestation.