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UNI 11427: 2022 Leather - Criteria for defining the performance characteristics of leather with reduced environmental impact

The UNI 11427 reference standard has been published. Its aim is to define the performance that (real) leather produced with reduced environmental impact must have, in order to be called "ecological leather".

The standard, which can already be certified with ICEC, defines the process parameters per unit of leather produced (e.g. consumption of resources: water, energy, chemicals; emissions into the atmosphere, waste production, water discharges) which must comply with reduced and measurable limits in three performance classes.

Furthermore, minimum product requirements are established both to characterize the type of tanning used (e.g. chrome, vegetable, chrome or metal free, organic), and to verify chemical compliance with the essential requirements common to all types of leather. The aim is also to guarantee the minimum durability performance of the leather according to its intended use (eg leather goods, footwear, etc ...).

As a basis, the company producing the leather is required to comply with environmental legislation. All requirements refer to the production of leather from raw to finished.

ICEC has been issuing the related environmental product certification to tanneries and their articles since 2016 (first year of edition of this standard). Today it is possible to proceed already with the new 2022 edition mentioned above, which thanks to its performance levels also measures the improvement of the environmental performance of products over time.